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I’ve been fortunate enough to win some awards for my hobbies. It’s been a while since I’ve entered any competitions, but below you can see the award along with the year. I’m grateful to have won awards, but I need to remind myself to not get over-confident. The only true competition I have is between myself. I strive to find my authentic self and it’s measured by my own standards. I search for growth- whether spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and artistically. For this I shouldn’t have to suffer.

Below is an article from the Fond du Lac Reporter 2002, that pictures a drawing of mine on the far right, which won an honorable mention.



A letter from “The Beauty of Balance” photography/iconography show with Ruth M. from FDL, WI. (I left a comment box and this is one message I found).

“I’m enjoying this art show immensely. I don’t often go to these things. I feel like I don’t belong until I get my own work displayed. I love the circles and lines as a form of visual language.Who knew female condoms could be visually enticing. One so young and beautiful as yourself is refreshing to see. Don’t ever stop being YOU! It’s the most important part of life, existing in your personal moment. Thank you for allowing us a peek at your soul vision.”

-Andrew D., Wisconsin


|The List|

Dreams & Bucket List

As I’m getting older, I feel like my time on this wonderful yet complicated planet is limited, so here are some things I would like to do and own before my time comes. I don’t think I’m asking for too much. If you can help in any way, much obliged.

* If you enjoy this site, and wish to throw the bird (me) a worm ($you$), I do accept donations. You can send them to my paypal account at joearpke @ [minus the spaces]

Bucket List

• Attend a Green Bay Packer game
• Horseback riding and reach speeds faster than a gallop
• Publish/print a book for my Aunt
• Release a LP or EP of original music
• Release an album of original comedic material
• Have a solo photography show

Wish List

• Portable PA system that runs on batteries
• A new MacBook (my laptop now only works with a usb mouse because the track-pad is shot, a usb keyboard because the original keyboard doesn’t work, and the illumination on the screen cuts in and out.)
• A decent tablet (I rock an iPad mini with a ZAAG keyboard and I love it)
• A new microphone
• Lomo purple 120 film and 120 film in general
• Used 5th or 6th generation iPod Classic (Found one on craigslist for $35! Now I can record again!)

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