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|The List|

As I’m getting older, I feel like my time on this wonderful yet complicated planet is limited, so here are some things I would like to do and own before my time comes. I don’t think I’m asking for too much. If you can help in any way, much obliged.

* If you enjoy this site, and wish to throw the bird (me) a worm ($you$), I do accept donations. You can send them to my paypal account at joearpke @ [minus the spaces]

Bucket List

• Attend a Green Bay Packer game
• Horseback riding and reach speeds faster than a gallop
• Publish/print a book for my Aunt
• Release a LP or EP of original music
• Release an album of original comedic material
• Have a solo photography show

Wish List

• Portable PA system that runs on batteries
• A new MacBook (my laptop now only works with a usb mouse because the track-pad is shot, a usb keyboard because the original keyboard doesn’t work, and the illumination on the screen cuts in and out.)
• A decent tablet (I rock an iPad mini with a ZAAG keyboard and I love it)
• A new microphone
• Lomo purple 120 film and 120 film in general
• Used 5th or 6th generation iPod Classic (Found one on craigslist for $35! Now I can record again!)

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