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Lately, I’ve been going to an open mic at Comedy Quarter once a week. It’s cool, it’s fun, and I’ve meet some pretty awesome local comedians. The other comedians have been great by encouraging me and giving me advice. I started recording some of my sets, but the problem is, my iPod would cut out on me mid-set or before the end of the set, because it’s so old and the battery is shot. The microphone I used drained all the battery power, so I decided to order a new battery online. However, when I tried to insert the new battery, I totally messed up my iPod, so now I have nothing to record with. Awesome right? I did manage to save a few older recordings, because I synced my iPod before I ruined it. Below are a couple of my unfinished sets. Sorry for not having the whole recording, but it’s a new comedic style I’ve been trying out called Incomplete Sentences. Usually as a comedian, you are doing well when you are “killing it!” So, now my iPod is dead, so I guess I’ll take what I can get. Note: If you don’t find the recordings funny, it’s because the funny parts got cut-out before my iPod could record them.


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