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Lyrics for Pac-Man Fever Vol. II

Lyrics for Blessed

The songs above were self-recorded on my MacBook using GarageBand, a Yeti USB Microphone by Blue, and roughly edited but not mixed or mastered.  When I get the time to write enough songs for an EP or LP, I plan on re-recording the songs and having them professionally mixed and mastered. I apologize for the low quality of the recordings, but hopefully they serve their purpose for now.

Paul Baribeau (Cover) – Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes


:Lyrics for New Song In The Works:


The Red Sea

The morning dove is a dodo,

And flies alone at night.

While the nightcrawler is stuck on the pavement,

Roasting in the sunlight.


There’s a blooming epidemic of Queen Anne’s Lace.

Reminding me about the birds and bees.

Watch your step ‘fore you get sick of some new disease.

Putting you twenty thousand leagues under the sea.


Out in the Sahara there’s a desert flower.

Next to the mirage of the man in power.

You can see the tracks where they combed the sand.

The barren grounds of the Promised Land.


Now all the fish have bloated bellies.

Floating on their backs like a resurrection.

Waiting on the plastic and rubber men.

With bleeding gills and cut-off fins.

Crossing them off one-by-one.

In the Red Sea of crucifixion.


The messenger pigeons use email accounts.

All the impalers use calculators to count.

Crossing them off one-by-one.

In the Red Sea of crucifixion.

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