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Jarpke Zine PO BOX 304 Allenton, WI 53002

Jarpke Zine
PO BOX 304
Allenton, WI 53002

I have a PO Box! You can find the address above on the envelope. I’m always looking for new pen-pals. With this day and age, due to technology, I find, “snail-mail,” to be less and less prevalent. The purpose of the PO Box is to have a place where I can receive mail without getting bombarded by a bunch of bills or junk mail, like applications to hundreds of credit cards. I like the surprises of never knowing what I am going to get. It’s like X-mas in a tiny little box. On the other hand, I can also appreciate the disappointment of checking the mail, and finding an empty box (maybe I’m weird). Feel free to drop me a letter, postcard, artwork, photos, mix-tape/cd, birthday cards (even if it’s not my b-day), get well soon cards (I can always use the encouragement), stamps, cash, checks, money orders, (because I need a sugar mama/daddy, j/k), etc…

In return I will send you some surprises back! I’ll always include a letter…I may include some mix-tapes/cds (because I love sharing new music I find), I might send you some photos of mine, little trinkets, jokes, artwork, loose change (not really), I don’t know…it will depend on the person. I’m here to cater to YOU! 🙂

Depending what I get, I will feature the little gems received in the gallery below.

Check these AWESOME works of art sent to my PO BOX!



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