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Jarpke Zine Issue #3

Jarpke Zine Issue #3 Free Download

Issue #3 if out and y’all can download it above. More wonderful photography by Joe Arpke, Jo(e)kes, 99¢ Music Reviews, Delivery Us From Evil pizza delivery stories and a story about getting rejected! In this issue Joe writes about two of his least favorite customers Fliss & Schwinn while delivering pizza. There’s music reviews from: New Found Glory, Geri X, The Deadly, On An On, Jaguar Love, Hot water Music, Built To Spill and Quietdrive.

Here’s one of the Jo(e)kes in this issue which are Jokes written by Joe:

I did a comedy show and after my set a younger woman came up to me. “Oh my God! You’re like the funniest comedian I’ve ever seen!” To be honest I felt really good for myself but then I felt really bad for her. I’ll take the compliment, but girl, you can do better for yourself. I’m not that funny. Maybe you need to see some professionals like Sinbad live or something.

Jarpke Zine FREE Digital Download

Jarpke Zine Issue #2 is here! The .PDF versions is in COLOR (Wow!) Download it for free Above! Get Some & Tell Your Friends!

Feel free to download the very 1st issue of Jarpke Zine. Inside you will find: Delivery Us From Evil (a guide of how to be the best pizza delivery person ever). Peppermint Hippo (a story from a night out at a gentleman’s club). 99¢ Reviews (music reviews for used CDs found at thrift stores and record stores on the cheap). Jo(e)kes (jokes written by Joe). You will also find some lovely photography and killer design layout.  Yum Yum eat ’em up!

Jarpke Zine Coming Soon

Jarpke Zine Issue 1 Out Now!

 Jarpke Zine – Issue 1

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