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The photographs above are from 2013. I have other categories on this site for Abstract, Concerts, Industrial, Nature, Photograms, Portraits, and Street Photography. I am an amateur photographer that shoots film and digital sparingly. I plan to setup a darkroom someday. As years pass, I’ve found it more and more difficult to pursue film photography, due to the lack of means and resources available. Finding 35mm film in stores has become more difficult and more expensive. There is only one, one-hour photo lab in my town that still develops 35mm film, and it costs $10 a roll. There are other stores that still offer film developing but it’s done VIA send-out and you don’t even get your negatives back. Really, no negatives? I think I would want those back, and it still costs $10 a roll. Sweet, so you have to wait around a week to get your photos back, with no negatives, and you pay the same price…no thanks 🙂

Is this the death of film? Perhaps, but I’m going to ride this wave till it washes me to shore; permanently forcing me to switch to digital photography. Fortunately there are still film companies going strong that you can find online, who even offer film developing, and you get your negatives back. I just bought a new Lomo Camera online, which I haven’t had the time to mess around with, but it takes medium format 120mm film. This is the camera I can’t wait to mess around with after I order film online.


As a photographer, it’s hard to really pinpoint when I started taking photos, because I think just about everyone has taken a picture. If you want to see this in action, all you have to do is visit a hospital. I was reminded by this when my niece was born. Here she wasn’t even in the world for more than a few minutes before having her picture taken. I sometimes wonder what’s the average number of pictures taken throughout ones life. I believe there’s a fine line between taking pictures and composing photographs, and as a photographer who still walks both lines, it’s not my position to pass judgment.

In truth, this is the photograph that made want to study and pursue the art of taking photos more seriously. You can find more about the story at my .JpgMag portfolio.


My Tools
Adobe CS2
Canon AE-1
Canon PowerShot SD750
Minolta X-700

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*Lastly, if you would like to purchase a print online just shoot me an email to joearpke @ (email me without the spaces between the @ symbol. I’m trying to avoid getting spam email). Include the title and image number in the email so we know we are on the same page. I’m in the works of trying to set-up a store or even linking my etsy account to this site, in order to make it easier for you to purchase photographs and other goods. I’m debating whether to just sending you a high resolution image after purchasing or actually taking the time to make prints, framing and matting them, getting packing materials, and shipping and handling expenses. Hmm…I think it would be much easier to just send you a high resolution .jpg or .pdf file. However, I am willing to cater to your needs.

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